Saturday, January 8, 2011

California is finished

IMHO, the state is done, kaput. turn out the lights and go home. Stupidity has been their down fall. They elected moonbeam, that was bad enough. I had not paid attention to who his running slithering mate is.
Gavin Nuisance? Get real! That fucking idiot aint fit to run a shoe shine shop at a bare foot beach.
The voters of California passed anti gay marriage measures in 2008. A pro family ground swell, maybe, but the will of the voters was clear. Now they elect the most anti marriage duo in America for the Gov and Lt Gov slots? Are we sure this election was not massively rigged? If it was, break out the artillery. Since I doubt it was, break out the concertina wire and barricade the rest of the nation.
Things like this convince me we are living very close to the end of times.

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