Sunday, January 23, 2011

Football Sunday

Its down to four, and by this time tomorow, only two teams will remain. Jay Cutler vs Aaron Rodgers, and Ben Roethlisberger vs Mark Sanchez, will make for two great games. I'll be cheering for Green Bay, but if I were to bet, it would be on Chicago. Just another reason to cheer even HARDER!
Home field advantage means a lot. Both the Bears and the Steelers have dedicated fans. I do not expect either game to be a blow out. I think less than ten points, and a very real possibility that they will be settled by margins of under three.
As for the Steelers Jets? I pick the Steelers. Sure I make a lot of cracks about Ben. He is as bad as Favre for his off field antics, but I don't let my opinion of him influence how I feel about the rest of the team. I've been rooting for the Steelers since I was a kid.
Of course, WPE is picking the Steelers, and his adopted home town Chicago, so maybe I'll cheer the Jets instead. I'm sure Paul and CD are. A Packers Jets Superbowl would keep Jug Ears in Washington.

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