Monday, November 12, 2012

A simple explanation

We could spend years delving into the root cause of a communist antiAmerican AntiIsrael stuttering clusterfuck getting reelected when he deserves a term in prison rather then another one in Washington. We can look at voter fraud and manipulation, and every single possible explanation when researchers today released the real reason. Thats right, Humans are getting dumber. You would think that success in scamming the government would require a ton of smarts, and that would translate into smarter voters. It clearly does not, and now we know the truth. So if people are getting dumber, that means the dumbest ones are hte ones who put a D next to their name. I said that last week and now we have proof.

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Gregory said...

well, I think that the election machines have been rigged. I demand a human count of the votes. There are too many cities where 99% of the vote went to obammy. And too many places where more than 70% of the population voted..While in reality, 45% of this country did NOT vote. some one said that the power of voting lies not with the voter, but with those who counted the votes.