Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This was not justice

Do not call this justice. It is not.
Today india executed by hanging the lone surviving attacker from the 11/26 terror strike. Mohammed Kasab was hung in secret at the jail in Pune almost four years to the day after his cowardly assault. Justice was not served though. Citizens in India will point out that the master minds, the handlers, the ones with their hands up Kasabs ass are still at large. Families of the victims will point out that it was done in secret and they were denied the chance to watch the killer of their beloved ones pass from here to eternal hell.
As for me, I think they should have taken a sow with a new litter of piglets, tied one by its back feet and draped it arround his neck, so it was squealing in terror, then stuck him and the sow in a small room together. What that sow did should have then been broadcast into Pakistan, Afghanistan Iran and all the other muslim scum nations for their entertainment, and done it in such a way that it over rode prime time broadcasting to those third world scum.
To the families of his vctims, take comfort in knowing that he is roasting in hell for all eternity, and for all the muslims in the world, your asses are gonna join him one day. Saddly, it won't be soon enough.

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