Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wishing every one a safe and blessed Thanks Giving

While it is important to remember to be thankful, it is also of the utmost importance to remember who to thank.
Now thank we all our GOD
With hearts and hands and voices
Who wonderous things has done
In whom this world rejoices.
Who from our mothers arms
Has blessed us on our way
With countless Gifts of Love
And still is ours today.

I also want to thank our troops who are in harms way, away from family and loved ones so we can be a little bit safer from terrorism. Too bad our idiot in chief supports islamofascism instead of freedom. Worse yet is the ?% who foolishly reelected him. Personally I find it hard to believe 51% of America is that stupid, but clearly enough people are to get him back by any means of fraud available.

Finally I pray that we can have another Thanks Giving next year in a world free of islamic terrorism. I can dream, can't I?