Friday, November 2, 2012

What goes up must come down

A sad story from Saudi Arabia where 23 members of a wedding celebration were killed when gunfire from the celebration caused an electric line to fall. You think guns and rednecks is a bad mix? rednecks are a touch smarter then that! We don't waste ammo like that, and we realize that sooner or later that bullet has to return to earth.
Knowing what little I do about Muslime weddings, all the women would have been locked in the house away from the festivities, so this means it was most likely 23 men. 23 future jihadists got fried. Why not more? surely it wasn't that small a party?
The saudi government recently banned shooting at wedding celebrations. I guess it scared a camel, and some one got kicked hard right in the middle of sex. Maybe now they will reconsider the ban since some good can come of it.

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Gregory said...

BwwaaaHaaaaaahahahahahaha. Funny about it being all males I just loved that part. Thank G_D for the many blessings HE gives.