Thursday, November 15, 2012

If the gates of hell are opened

It will only be to allow more muslims in.

Israel has been having problems since our closet muslim fagot stole the election. The fools in Gaza have launched rockets into Israel and they finally have had enough provoking anger from The muslime bother hood in Egypt, number three candidate for annihilation, and Iran the number one candidate for annihilation.

Wars and rumors of wars. Jesus said there would be many as the end of days approached, and it is certainly happening now. Israel scored a good kill with their bombings and bagged Achmed the dead Terrorist Ahmed al-Jabari. "Hamas, meanwhile, warned Jabari's assassination "had opened the gates of hell."" Well, good, swing em wide and get all the muslims in. As for Jihad Misharawi the BBC arab correspondent, if you don't want to get caught in a war, don't live among terrorists.

Israel needs to flatten Gaza, then bomb Iran Syria and Egypt back to the stone ages, or what ever era a dozen nukes get them to.

That's twelve each BTW.


Gregory said...

That king cooncracker in the white house would probably side with the ahabs and send them some high tech weapons. Wasn't it muhammad that said he had a vision of hell and it was full of mostly arabs? I think so. Or was it that it was full of wimmen?...No matter, six of one, half dozen of the other.

Spartacus said...

Israel needs to make Gaza synonymous with Dresden.