Saturday, November 24, 2012

Does it run in the family?

Denny should love this. The son of RWPP Jesse jackass Err Jackson has resigned as Ripresentative from Illinois. Well, if indeed he does have mental problems, we can be certain he got them from his father. He does have honesty issue which he gets from his dear old dad as well. Neither of them would know the truth if it hit them with a garbage truck.
Keep in mind that the jackasses were close friends with Michelle Robinson the wife of our Kenyan born president. Bird of a feather certainly do flock together.
Jackson has a few minor problems, a federal probe into his financial conduct is running now, expect a pardon any day now, but what is really amazing to me is that he easily won reelection when he was hiding in the Mayo Clinic during much of the campaign. Are South Chicago voters really that stupid? Or is the political machine there that well greased? Either way, that district has serious problems and needs a good cleaning. Who will Rahm pick to succeed RWPP jr to the house? My bet is it will be some one just as corrupt.
Any bets on how long it takes ObamAA- to issue a pardon?

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