Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Soros said

Several weeks ago I read an article where George Soros said it did not matter who we picked, and as I watched Romney's concession speach, I see what he meant.
Romney said for members of congress to reach accross to the democrats. I'd say only to slap them, but thats just me. Boener needs to remember tha he was elected by his constituents to follow republican conservative principles, not progressive communist ones. The republicans need to fight for the country, not cave in and become spendaholic socialists. that kind of mentality is what got them booted from office in 2006.
Clearly, Soros and his shadow regime run deep into both parties. it is clear to me that Romney was nothing but a Soros plant. Quite likely Boener and bitch McConnell are as well. Err Mitch. If republicans don't want to act like republicans, its time to boot their sorry asses to tghe curb and start over. Two years of communism is bad, two years of caving to communism is worse.

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