Monday, November 5, 2012

How the liberal mind works...If

Dylan Miller has learned a harsh lesson about how liberals think, or imagine they are thinking. Dylan made the mistake of capturing and killing an octopus off the coast near Seattle. This angered the loco liberals and many have threatened his life and that of his family. his mother now answers the phone Octo-mom as if she is an ugly bitch who has eight kids whom she cannot support.
Yes, I'm saying there is something seriously wrong in the minds of people who act up over some one performing a lawful act. As is noted in the article,  "If people feel this strongly about it they obviously need to voice it and a sign needs to go up and make it a park. But I don't think all of Puget Sound should be off-limits. That is like saying you like deer so there should be no hunting, or you like cows, so there should be no meat.". Well, Dylan, that is exactly how liberals think. That is why they want gun laws control of your vehicle, control of your health care, control of your wallet.
This is the reality of what is wrong in America when a bunch of west coast morons perform mob rule to attack some one for doing something that is legal, but will give a free grope to a politician simply because he is all for slaughtering young humans at any time up to birth, or in the case of ObamAA- after it.
So now maybe you have a better understanding of how the liberal mind works...If it works.

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Gregory said...

Good read. I posted this to my facebook page, with proper credit to you of course. I loved the term, "but will give a free grope".....