Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There is a part of me

There is a part of me that wants to scream right now. That part of me wants to believe that there had to be massive election fraud, that the corruption of the Chicago political machine had infested key states, that stuck on stupid liberals had comitted election fraud, that there had to be some mistake.
But, sad to say, I must admit that we as a nation are indeed that stupid. Our democrat union controled education system has succeeded in churning out a crop of voters too dang stupid to understand what communism is and why it has failed every place it has been tried, and that it will fail here as well.
Our nation has been on a long slow slide since before I was born. We can point to a lot of signs from the era of FDR and his new deal disaster. We can point to Kinsey and his faked report that has undermined every aspect of our society from how we raise our children to how we punish criminals to the behavior we accept. We can point to the rebellion of the sixtes when communist inspired radicals took over our colleges and universities. We can point to Roe V Wade where human life became valueless.
The biggest fault though lies with our churches. They have allowed themselves to be gagged and bound in chains. They have not spoken out when they needed to, and millions have perished as a result.
What does this mean for America? America became great because America WAS good. I believe in GOD, and I believe he blessed this nation so we could bless others and We have stood with Israel. Well, Guess what, GOD does not need us to stand with Israel, We need us to stand with Israel. As we have back slid these last four years with a leader who does not respect GOD, and stood silent, as he has praised islam, the script of Satan, and not demanded ObamAA- be silent, we have welcomed the wrath of almighty GOD.
Look at the history of Israel. When they turned their back on GOD, he allowed the Philistines, the Persians, and eventually the Romans to rule over them. So it may very well be with America. GOD is no respecter of nations, he demands they bow to him and him alone.
GOD will judge us, not merely because we are turning our backs on his chosen, but because we have tollerated the intollerable, because we have called the things he calls obominations natural, and because we have allowed the slaughter of millions of those about whom Jesus said better a millstone be tied about your neck and you be cast into the depths of the sea. We want GOD fearing leaders but pick a candidate who belongs to a cult that claims Jesus and Satan are brothers! Then we expect him to bless us?
We tonight elected the leader we deserve. may GOD have mercy on our souls for he will not spare our nation. How soon will his judgement be upon us? I do not know. I can only tell you with certainty that it is coming.


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Gregory said...

A nation of 51% fools. I can't believe this happened either..I can't believe that this happened either, I went and bought whiskey. Haven't drank it in years. Still got a little left. Maybe finish it and go to bed.

Spartacus said...

All that election did was confirm that I have been right all along. The majority of people in this country ARE blithering idiots.