Thursday, November 1, 2012

What the hell is going on?

It was bad enough to hear that our embassador had been slaughtered in Libya. Now word is leaking out that he was involved in weapons smuggling to Syria. That is some serious deep shit! Was this a hit by Iran? Syria is their ally, and the weapons, if this is correct, were headed to the factions opposing Assad.
So in a nut shell, we have a CIA operation attempting to track and collect these weapons, and another group handing them over to other forces who it would appear are our enemies.
This whole arab spring ordeal is turning into a soup sandwich! Mismanagement from the top down is rampant. Obama, Jarret, and a slew of others are in hte middle of a mess that would make Iran Contra look like a good thing.
The LSM is sweeping this under the table. The big news is Sandy and the after mess in New York and New Jersey. We need to keep this thing front and center. We need to force the media to do their jobs and report rather then endorce.
demand th truth, and tell your coworkers and friends. Mock the liberals and those who feed off CNN and (P)MSNBC and SeeBS. Lets not let up, and when we have a new congress, lets demand this be thoroughly investigated. Heads Should Roll. No business as usual, no good ole boys club garbage. make them pay for this mess.

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