Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tell em they make good pets

Well, it appears that a bunch of liberal do gooder wannabe's are upset that a sporting goods store in New Mexico is sponsoring a coyote hunt. Gunhawk Firearms is offering a choice of two ARs or a Browning Maximus shot gun for first prize.
My first thought when I heard about it was which kind of coyote? The four legged kind that kills calves lambs, chickens and all manner of household pets? or the bad kind?
Anyhow, it in my opinion is a good thing. We have a serious over population problem here as they wander into the urban areas and raid trash and destroy pets who got let out to play or potty. I've lost six from my rat patrol in the last two years, good hunters all. Contrary to legend, coyotes rarely eat cats or dogs, they just kill them to eliminate competition.
So for all you folks who know a liberal kook who would be upset by this, tell them coyotes make great house pets, and they don't need rabies shots. Maybe they can make a good home and dinner for em.


Gregory said...

What do you mean by your "rat patrol" ?

JeremyR said...

I have outside cats. their mission in life is to keep packrats away.