Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do you trust the election results

After viewing this video, I have my doubts.
Unlike Denny who awarded his AOTW to the voters who sat home, I suspect that many votes were stolen. Too bad we can't fo something to nsure that all future elections are secure. We could start by requiring a back up paper ballot be printed out by each machine for each voter, that each paper have a serial number, and that each machine track by serial number what vote was cast for whom. Since the serial number would not identify individual voters by name, it would still make for a secure vote. It would also provide a back up copy to verify every machine to check for fraud. its not fool proof, but its better then what we are having now.

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Gregory said...

Best idea I have heard yet. Problem is, the dems are in power and they will change NOTHING that got them into power. This nation is screwed, and I am heartsick about it.