Saturday, May 6, 2017

About those illegals

Charles Barkley went on the Colbert Show on SeeBS and talked about illegal immigrants. Yes, illegal, not "undocumented". My father was undocumented, born at home in Minnesota, until grandpa finally got his rear to the court house and registered the birth.
His notion is that they are here working their asses off doing the jobs blacks and whites don't want to do. If that were the case, I doubt any one would mind them being here. For some of them, that is true, but it certainly is not the case for a heck of a lot of them.
Most of the ones I have met here in Kansas are hard working folks who want to make money to support their families back home. Lets remember that many of the immigrants who populated this nation were the cast offs of European society. Whether the Irish, Polish, or Italians, they were hard working poor for  whom America was a land of promise. As far as H1B goes, we already have too many doctors who can't speak English, why import more? We could be sending our best to medical school instead of having them become master gamers. Seriously, I don't mind if the guy at Burger King screws up my order, I do mind if the Doc from Carjackistan screws up on prescribing my meds. Both have happened to me.
As for the jobs, there are two sides to that coin. The down side is this, Those jobs could be filled by our own poor. We could be kicking folks off welfare and the other various programs for fake ailments and telling them to work or starve. That would mean that all the wages paid would be remaining in the local community. That would fuel job creation and raise a few boats.
The sad fact though is that Barkley is right and many of these jobs are ones kids here won't do willingly. I have a number of friends in the restaurant business. Finding waitresses is no problem, but getting dish washers and fry cooks is another. I recently met a guy who had been manager of a local upscale eatery. He told me that in his eight years as manager, he'd never had a native born person who would wash dishes and not act angry all the time. It is a job that sucks.
Right now our economy is growing. The last few months have seen the biggest growth in nine years, maybe longer. If this holds, we will at some point need those foreign workers. Our work force is finite. the possibilities are infinite. I would rather see people come here to work than see jobs go elsewhere for workers.
About that though, we still need national security. That means we need immigration reform. I do not want one illegal in our work force. If we reach a point where we are creating a million new jobs a year, I want our immigration folks to have the ability to process a million people to fill those excess slots, and I'd much rather have Catholics from Mexico than muslims from Pakistan.
What I would like to see is us process all the ones who are already here. Sort em out, if they work and behave, get them a green card and let them work legally. If they are criminals, use a pumpkin chunker to return them to Mexico. If they don't work, they don't stay, and if they breed, send the off spring back with them. As for citizenship, if they came here illegally, they should never be granted citizenship. If they want that, they must return home and come back through the correct system.
I know that this may not be popular, but we don't live in a perfect world. If we did, Barry would still be in Indonesia.

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