Sunday, May 14, 2017


Yet another case where my gut says airliar behaving badly. Why am I calling it against the flight attendant? Simple, if the passenger had been acting any thing like what they are claiming, thee would be fifty videos on eew-tube and farcebook already.
Maybe it is time for a little airline employee reform.
Reagan shook up air travel when he fired the air traffic controllers. Trump needs to use Homeland Security to put a stop to this.
At a minimum, if a passenger is removed for a confrontation with a crew member, the crew member should also be removed from the flight. One or the other is leaving the airport with zero dollars.Lets start with mandatory dismissal and barred from airports for crew who assault intimidate or harass paying customers. Forfeiture of all allowances including retirement they might have accrued.
Then, any settlement offered to the victim comes out of their personal pocket to the extent they can pay, then from the union retirement fund.
When the first one happened with United, my inclination was to blame the air line the most. This criminal action on the part of airline workers though has spanned several carriers. How many does this make in the last few months? Is this a sudden spike, or has this sort of garbage been flying under the radar up until now? Regardless, it is time for it to END.

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