Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Stand with USAA

After the Socialist Just-Ass Whores targeted Hannity for continuing to push the Seth Rich story and keep his murder front and center, USAA Insurance pulled their ads from his show. This riled up more than a few veterans, and patriots came calling. USAA, after a blitz of attention from those Patriots decided that caving to the whining of people who have never served, will never serve, and are at best traitors, was not as smart as it first appeared.
They are back on.
Now it's time for us to respond. If you are a veteran,  or the family member of a veteran, now is the time to look seriously at switching your auto or home insurance. Can we send a message to Lebeda? You bet we can! Lets do this.
If you don't think there is anything to the Seth Rich story, ask your self a simple question, Why are the liberals close to HiLlARy upset by this?

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