Saturday, May 13, 2017

Just bin Laden him

Lil Kimmy continues his snit. At some point the guy is going to take it one step too far and people, lots of people are going to end up dead. He is China's puppet, but he is out of control. Any war he starts could well involve us and Russia as well.
The bst option right now is to have a small unit helitack in and assassinate him. NO reporters, no fanfare, no mention of it to any one for any reason. If a deal would be sprung, have it be a composite unit made up of elites from our military and some from China. They have commando's, involve them in the operation, and if possible, have them be the ones to deliver the Coup-d-grace.
One he is on his way to room temperature, quietly exit stage right and let them sort it out with assistance from Beijing.
Once it is done, commission a Kim Jong Un assassination medal and award it to every troop who was in the region. A few well placed bar stories, and they will never be able to sort fact from fiction, and if China helps, no one will care about it.

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