Thursday, May 25, 2017


Monana's special election to pick a replacement for Ryan Zinke has had several interesting twists not the least of which is Gianforte's body slamming a pest err reporter. I seriously hope he did it, imagine the swamp rats treading oh so lightly when he walks the halls of the Craphole err Capitol. Hey Barry, this is change I can believe in!
As of 12:04a.m. EST with 62% of the vote counted, Greg has a narrow lead, 50.3 to 43.8%. The dems will be up all night in Glacier, Gallitin and Misoula stuffing the ballot boxes. Over in Big Horn county George Armstrong Custer and most of his 7th have reliably voted democrat. The dems there are focused on identifying th Indian remains so they too can cast ballots. Expect to see all of Montana's 699,000 registered voters turn out, and maybe a few thousand more in critical areas. Nancy P. Lousy's communists are not giving up with out a fight.


Gregory said...

The stinking left thought that that would be the death-knell for Greg.....Wrong. It boosted him even further. The signal "stop taking crap from these MSM worthless, sophomoric, reporters"..has gone out. The 'drive-by media, as Rush calls them, need to be spanked. And continually laughed at. Out loud. Often. Then stop sending money to the Universities Journalism schools.

Dan O. said...

Unfortunately, the self-righteous lowlifes of the MSM will probably hound him more, hoping he loses his cool again so they can grow their animosity for the right. And, of course, file civil suits.