Friday, May 19, 2017

Old, Out-of-Touch Democrats ‘F*cked Up’ the 2016 Election

Says an Old, Out-of-Touch Fucked Up democrap. Cher is partly right on that, but she is also very much wrong. It was not the message, but the messenger. People rejected HiLlARy.  Sure, millennials have no memory of the horror show that was Worthless Willies two terms in office, but they all know about the failures of the skank who left good people to die at Benghazi. They understand that trading favors via the Clinton crime initiative was the lowest form of pay to play bribery. But it wasn't just millennials who tuned out. Her rallies were sparsely attended by people of all age groups, back grounds, ethnicity and gender. The democrap field was lacking in people who represented the voters.
The good news is they have not yet learned their lesson.

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