Tuesday, May 16, 2017

running out of liberal cities to play in

Krapperdick has still not landed a new gig. The Socialist Just Ass Whore had his fifteen minutes of blame, and folks who used to watch football on Sunday found new hobbies to occupy an afternoon.
There ae only thirty two teams and by coincidence, they are all located in mostly liberal markets. Granted, Dallas isn't as libtarded as Autism err Austin, but it is by no means a conservative bastion.
Minniassholes? Liberal. Detoilet? Liberal. Chiraq? Liberal Miami? Liberal. Foxborough? Its Massiveclueless fore cryin out loud! Baltimore? Bwahahahaha. Buffalo? Liberal. Sinceitsnasty? Liberal. Cleveland? They have a team? Oh yeah, the clowns.Spitsburg? Liberal. Houston? Liberal. NativeAmericanapolis? Liberal. Nashvile? Liberal. Denver? Liberal. Kansas Shitty? Well, he claims to be independent, but kissed Barry's ass. Carson? it's in Mexifornia. Oakland? Ditto. San Franfreakshow? Cough hack, spit. Jacksonvile? OK, they have a republican mayor, but it is a regional government, the county and shit hole merged in 1968. Need I go on???
Why do they even mention this has been? Why do I mention him? To. Mock. Liberal. Ideas. Any way Colon, keep up the good work. Maybe you can use your free time and become black lies matter's next cause?

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