Wednesday, May 31, 2017


By now I'm sure every one has seen the sick photos of Kathy Griffin, the failed comedian who co-hosts the communist news Network's New Years Celebration with Anderson Cooper.
The good news is CNN finally got around to canning her and Squatty Potty (who the heck is that) is dropping her like a Taco Bell bowel movement.
Another failed comedian though, fricken Franken is riding to her rescue. If that sorry piece of trash represents Minnesota values, we need to hand it over to the Somalies and let them go full jihad. I'll get my green beans elsewhere.
This is the values of the left. We on the right had to put up with eight years of Barry Soetoro the puppet of George Soros, They can just learn to live with it instead of being spoiled rotten children.
FWIW, we on the right also put up with the liberal spending of George W Bush. Yes, he is supposed to be a republican, but he can waste money fight up there with Barry. His only redeeming trait is that he supports our troops. OK, he has a few more, I'm just not in a mood to praise him since he turned liberal after his worthless bother err brother lost the republican nomination.
Here is to hoping the Secret Service does a thorough exam of miss Kathy. Maybe a few months in a federal prison will help her get her ass together.


Gregory said...

I hope that that scrunt does prison time too. Skank. All I can think is skank.

JeremyR said...