Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Confusing news day

This morning I read that California was making it legal for commies to work in Government. I guess they finally figured out Jerry Clown err Brown. Now this evening I read that a commie named James got his walking papers from President Trump. I guess the poor bastard can go work for Jerry?

On a serious note, I have been expecting this for quite some time. Comey showed his hand as a HiLlARy hack back when his office declined to indite her for compromising sensitive materials vis a vis her server. Couple that with the leaks which clearly show his actions to undermine the Trump presidential campaign marked him as a political hack in an agency that should be free of political persuasion.
So who should Trump nominate to replace him, I am sure I do not know, but the very first name to pop into my head was Sheriff Joe. Talk about putting the courts on notice! Chuck the schmuck's head would explode with the violence of a dud firecracker. Nancy P. Lousy would need a botox overdose and DieFi would hit high orbit.
The senate would never approve him, but it would set the stage for a better pick, Giuliani or Sheriff Clarke. Either would be capable, and would hopefully stop the hemorrhage of good agents from the FBI that has happened since Commie politicized it.
Some people are of the opinion that it should be an insider since the agency needs to heal itself. We don't tell cancer patients to heal themselves, nor do we offer that as a solution for pneumonia patients. It takes a strong dose of medicine, in this case reality, to effect a cure. We need the FBI cured, not merely in remission. The organizations most responsible for national security need to be 100%, nothing less is acceptable. What is needed now is a fireman's mentality, not a policeman's. Some one who will die to save, not live by the notion of better tried by twelve than carried by six. This is about saving the nation, if we lose, too many will die.
Best of luck Comey, America had a great day today, and you didn't.

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Tony Tsquared said...

You are spot on again but Sheriff Joe is getting a bit up there in age. I fist thought of Sheriff David Clark.