Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When inbreeding is a good thing

1 in 5 child deaths in the London Borough of Redbridge are the result of inbreeding. The consanguineous relationships, those between people who are first cousins or closer cause genetic defects to flourish resulting in the high mortality rate. 65% of the deaths happen in children under one.
The demographics of Redbridge are reported as 41% Asian. By that they mean Pakistani. We are not discussing folks from Hong Kong are we? And while 36.8% of the area reports as Christian, they have a small sliver, 23.3% who identify themselves as rapefugees err muslims.
So it would appear that 23.3% of the population account for 19% of the deaths which result from inbreeding? In other words, an 81% reduction in suicide bombings beginning in 2026. I'd call that good news for London.