Friday, May 26, 2017

That sound you heard

If you were out and about early this morning you may have noticed a strange sucking sound emanating from the direction of the swamp. That was the collective tightening of the sphincters in Washington as they woke to the realization that Greg Gianforte had won in Montana.
What do they have to fear? he is but one man, and the uniparty has 534 other marionettes on strings to do their bidding. They fear it because it may just be a tidal wave of change. In November we sent a man with no political ambitions to be our CEO. IN doing that he used less money and handily beat the entire political apparatus arrayed against him.
Gianfore is cut from the same cloth. He is a self made man, an entrepreneur who has made companies from the dust up starting in his garage and eventually selling them for millions. Make that billions. He made it, took it public, and sold it for a handsome profit.
Greg is a fundamentalist Christian, a young earth creationist. Unlike his mooslime contemporaries, he is not deadly. So far. Some folks take the Bible seriously, Greg is one of those. He is likely human as well meaning that he knows he needs a savior.
The creatures who control the swamp see all this and fear it. One honest man may spawn another, and another. It would please me to no end to see the long time inhabitants of the halls of Congress getting their papers from the voters. The sad part is that when they do, the swamp usually absorbs the new meat.
We will see what happens with Greg. Who knows, Gianforte 2024?


Gregory said...

Good writing. I referenced you on my facebook page.

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