Sunday, May 7, 2017

Connect a few lines in the Commiefornia (non)education system

Does it strike any one as strange that the University of California system has seen the most violence since the rejection of her majesty Illary?
Conservatives have been assaulted, shouted down and intimidated from speaking in the Great Bear state.
Now we see that Janet Incompetano my have hidden as much as 175 million as head of the school system.
Are you seeing dots forming? I am. First, she was Barry's failure as homeland security chief. Immediately upon leaving that post she took over as President of California's University system. Has she been influential in stirring the pot? Certainly her plans t hike tuition are causing concern for students who in a democrat job world have little hope of earning enough to pay those debts.
Another thought, how much of that money is being used to stir the pot? In her position there, has she become a general of the modern SA in California? There re no spontaneous movements. Even if a million people are angry, it takes an organizer to bring that anger to a revolution, and the communist party is over flowing with organizers.

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