Monday, May 1, 2017

Did we get punked?

Ever since the chemical attack in Syria and the response by our government,  something has not seemed quite right about the whole thing. I've only read a little of the news about it, and watched next to zero on television. My wife catches the Spanish language station, and I "get" a little from it. Several days ago I found we now get One America News Network, and last night I tuned it in.
They had a segment on Syria and the recent events there. Part of what they covered was the White Helmets, a group supposedly there to give aid, and the main source of information about the attack. They have received millions from the United States for their participation in Syria. According to the OANN report, the White Helmets are any thing but neutral.
This is HiLlARy's war. She and Barry started this whole shooting match. This is what led to Benghazi, this is what came out of the Arab Spring. Syria is not our friend to be sure. That does not necessarily mean they are our enemy. The same is true for Russia. The third leg of that table, Iran, is clearly our enemy. The same is true about ISIS, the group Barry forged to do the bidding of his handlers.
There are several groups that have a hand in the mess in Syria. Mainly, this is a fight between big oil and big oil. Several groups want to create pipelines across the region. One group want to pipe oil from Iran, the other wants to pipe oil from Saudi Arabia.  I cannot help but wonder if the strings of this whole mess go back to the invasion of Iraq in 2004. Regardless, this shapes up as a fight between Sunni and Shiite, or more succinctly, one where it is in our best interest if both sides lose.
Our main ally in the region is Israel. Barry spent the last eight years attempting to make them into our enemy. They have weathered the storm quite well, and his meddling in their internal affairs has been noted in many places.
Ever notice that while dems scream about republican ties to big oil, those are mere shoe strings compared to the ropes the dems have? In 2000 Reverend Gore had more ties to oil than Bush.
Barry had so many ties to dirty handlers that it boggles the mind. Again, oil money comes into play. His support for foreign oil is the main reason behind blocking the XL pipeline and shutting down other drilling here at home. Making money for his bud Warren Buffet was just icing on the cake.
Syria had nothing to gain from a chemical attack. Conventional munitions would have accomplished just as much damage and not stirred any international ire. The Russian assistance has his people winning and gaining ground against the terrorists. This is not like 1992 when Iraq was so beaten up from Desert Storm that the only way to stop the Kurds was to gas them. Assad has all the might of Russia on his side.
Photos on OANN do not appear to be any type of air dropped weapon. It looked like an IED, the kind we feared but luckily never found in Iraq. ISIS has access to some of Saddam's old stuff, is it possible that what was used was from it? ISIS has no regard for human life, I have no doubt they would kill a hand full of people if they thought it would draw us in and cause problems for Assad and the Rooski's. The net gain, if it was Assad's was quite small. Only 89 killed, none of them rebel fighters. One device from a jet capable of hauling much more. The destruction from the attack was less than a single artillery round in WW1.
Motive Means Opportunity. Which side has more? That is a tough call. Is it possible that all the chemical attacks have been from the rebels? According to France, the agent used was strikingly similar to the stuff used in several previous attacks. A round here and there is pointless from a  tactical point of view. From a strategic standpoint, they are another story, and that steers me to believe they were done by the rebel forces. That leads me to ask, Did we get punked? If so, by who? The truth is out there. Stuff like this is drawing us into a conflict that is none of our business. It serves corporate interests but not our national ones.
When you have two jackasses for neighbors and they go at each other, it is best to stand aside and roll the cameras. That is why we have you-tube.

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Gregory said...

Exactly. I have thought the same thing about that chemical weapon attack from day one. And I knew Assad would not be foolish enough to use one. It definitely was just an IED.