Saturday, May 20, 2017

I thought it was Katrina

Moron Mitch Landrieu the Mayor of New Orleans is claiming that the civil war monuments are the reason residents left the city. The only thing that comes close to a mass exodus from that swamp was because of Katrina. That exodus also significantly lowered the crime rate.
Unfortunately the crime rate is climbing back up, but that has nothing to do with the civil war monuments. It has every thing to do with the failed ideas put forth by democrats.
I know a lot of people with ties to the south are fed up with this kind of garbage. The gem in all this is that Barry Soetoro did not start renaming military installations while he was in power. Good thing George Soros didn't think of it when his puppet was relevant.
What draws people to New Orleans? It's History. The very History that Landrueu is removing.
In case you haven't figured it out, this is all the ebb and flow of the communist party we are witnessing. Sure, they weren't called communists back when they got mad and seceded from the Union, the notions which inspire it were there though. When it worked to their advantage, the democrats as the communists like to call themselves, erected those monuments to their Civil War heroes. Now, as they morph in an attempt to hide their sinister nature, they are calling for the removal of those monuments to their past.
Those monuments are part of our nation's History. Tearing down all of them won't erase the fact that we had a Civil War. Naming a base in central Texas after a man who was a leader in that war didn't hurt any of the millions of black soldiers who were stationed there. Having those monuments in New Orleans has not hurt one black person in New Orleans. Democrap policies which destroy families and kill initiative have caused more harm than all the statues to all the people who fought on the wrong side of every war have ever caused.
Those monuments made people think. Today, with the internet, it is possible for a ten year old to learn more about P.G.T. Beauregard in five minutes than you could in a year of research when I was a kid. Preventing the next civil war is only possible when people understand what really led to the last one. Maybe that is why the commies want them gone.

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