Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ah Kansas Weather

If you don't like it, give it a few minutes, it will change (for the worse), and if you do like it, guess what, it will change for the worse. We have had several days of high winds, gully washers, and a few tornados. I spent yesterday and today cleaning up messes from Monday's storm.
The winds monday night were hard enough that rain was coming in my front windows up between the sashes. When the storm first hit, it was raining shingles in my yard before the first drop of rain.
Manhattan is still recovering from last years tornado that destroyed a large portion of Chapman Kansas. This weeks storms are just a reminder that weather can be a powerful force. Mondays storm also left thousands of folks with out power. Some folks have no clue what to do when the power is out. They go into panic mode. What will they do if a successful attack is ever made on our infastructure? Homeland security has spent billions improving protection, but the threat is also adaptive. Its time for classes on how to cook hobo stew in a tin can over a garbage fire. Don't laugh, I took just such a course when I was a kid.
So, are you ready when disaster strikes? When bad things happen are you a rescuer or one of the rescued?

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