Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiller clinic closed but his assistant plans to open another.

Dr Carhart has stated he plans to open another abortion clinic in Kansas to perform late term abortions. With the decision to not reopen, the Tiller survivors have left only two clinics in the entire nation to perform late term killings. Carhart, who owns an Omaha area abortuary does not perform late term proceedures there. Rather he used to direct his patients to Wichita, most likely because of the favorable political climate. Now, with that clinic closed, he is stating his intention to open another at an as yet undisclosed location. Will he do so in Wichita? or will he relocate?
The bottom line is that if he performed the proceedures in nebraska, he would be in jail in no time. Kansas has stricter laws then Nebraska. Why is he not in jail here? Paul Morrison knows the answer. It was Tillers money that got him the AG job over Phil Kline. It was also Tiller money that was pumped into the Sebelius campaign.

Tiller was gunned down in his church. In another high profile shooting, two young men who had just complete basic training were gunned down as well, one fatally. Today we have yet another senseless killing, the shooting at the holocaust museum by a hate filled thug. And to cap it off, Terrorists from GITMO are now being brought to American soil for trials.
Is there justice in America? Wait and see, but I'll bet only one of the above mentioned gets more then a slap on the wrist.

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