Monday, June 29, 2009

Judgement Bah!

When Barry the imposer was running in the primaries, Hillary pointed out his lack of leadership credentials. He has never been in the Military although he considered it. For two seconds maybe? Yeah, right, I got a bridge in Missouri I'll sell ya too. He has never been in any business leadership position. Never held any governmental leadership position. Heck he spent most of his time in the senate campaigning for the presidency.
Instead we were told his strong suit was his judgement. Well, it really may be his strong suit. He has yet to show strength in anything else, that's for sure. Presently he is batting near perfect. Let me explain. If this was a sports matter, he would be the first ever to strike out in Tee-Ball in the two year old unlimited swings group.
Its sad to watch. No, its disgusting. The imposers close circle of fiends in the years leading to his attaining national office was appalling. Wm Ayers, terrorist at large, Reverend Wright the America hating clown of the cloth. George Soros, the unrepentant NAZI with his hand up Barry's bung hole. Rhaam Emanuel, Eric Holder, Tim Geither, Kathleen Sebelius, and now Sonya Sotomayor. I guess when people were predicting a Jimmy Carter redux they were discussing a best case scenario.
The Supreme Court today handed down its opinion on The Firefighter Racial Discrimination Suit. It seems the wise ass Latina got it wrong, as if we didn't know as much. Racism cuts both ways. Its time to end policies that further racism such as affirmative action promotions and appointments. The affirmative action leaders who are failures need to be replaced, starting with Mr. Judgement. Unfortunately we will have to wait until after 2010 for a competent congress to take action.

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