Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We fall down, we get up.

...and the saints are just the sinners who fall down and get up.
Sen John Ensign today admitted to an affair that happened nearly two years ago. I haven't peruised the lefty blogs to read the calls for his resignation, if any. lets take a look at recent history shall we?
We'll begin with Bill Clinton. I'm no fan of worthless Willie, but I will try to be as fair as possible. The man had numerous affairs over years of public service. He chased skirts from Little Rock to Washington and beyond. His wife knew, I believe from the gitgo. Certainly she knew before he became president. It seems to me that she was OK with it. If she doesn't care, I don't care, but he got caught. When that happened, the initial response of any man is denial, and Bill did just that. Problem is, he kept on with the denials. Thats where the problem is.
The Soviets used to entrap Foreign Diplomats in Moscow with hookers. They would use the affair as a lever to extract information and spy. That is the threat on the international level. The one who lost my respect there was Hillary. She played the victim card. That was wrong. She should have stepped up to the mike, litterally, not figuratively since Monica was doing that, and said "Hey, I'm ok with it, you all just MYOB. Its between Bill and me, and we are on good terms." That would have had me applauding her.
Next lets look at John Edwards. same story, diffrent actors. the twist here is that he knocked up the mistress. We know his wife knew. They decided to keep it between them. She was a cancer victim, he a testosterone overdose on legs. I know several couples where such things have happened and they are happily married, and the affair as it were is not an issue.
Next up, Larry Craig, caught in an airport bathroom playing footsie with an undercover cop. Lets get real here. This was entrapment from the gitgo. How many of us old codgers know what the gay crowd uses as signals for butt sex? Craig is no flaming queen, and the Pig's Eye Landing Police are known as scumbuckets. his mistake was in trying to keep it hush hush, knowing that he could not.
Spitzer is a hypocrite, but not much diffrent from Worthless Willie, except he resigned. I admire him for that. He misused his former office to coerce sex. For that he deserves the worst.
A lot of people fall into sexual traps. Many of them are otherwise good people. How they act when they are caught is as important as what they did. There are many other traps that can befall people. Greed, alcohol, sex, they are all adictive. We all have trappings, we all are weak in some area. If there is no GOD, it does not matter, its just a question of who has the power, survival of the fittest. Since there is a GOD, its another matter. Each of these men will answer to him.
David was called a man of GOD. He was one whom the Bible tells us, that GOD blessed, yet he sinned. He took the wife of another man. when she became pregnant, he first tried to cover it up, then had him killed. Add murderer to his resume, yet through it all GOD loved him. he disciplined him. For John Ensign There are voters to answer to, and some day a GOD. That his affair was with a married woman is not good. He should have taken a lesson from Bill and stuck to the single ones. Oh, and the ugly ones, they need lovin too.

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