Saturday, June 13, 2009


I posted Thursday about the tweekers who got raided. When the Police took the place down, they sledgehammered through the door destroying it. I snapped pictures this morning, then went to Home Depot to find out about a new door. The original was roughly 130 years old. It was a six panel design with windows set in the top section forming a half moon. I knew it would be expensive. A cheap metal six panel with basic windows would run $135, but that brings down the value of the house. A true wood, done like the original will run well over $1100 dollars plus hardware and installation. I expect the total would exceed $1600. The tweekers also had put a lock on their bedroom door, and the police knocked it in as well. That one will cost about $350.
The tweeker told me that the charges were all being dropped. seems, according to her, that she had gone to visit her boyfriends brother in Kansas City, and when she returned, was followed by KBI. Since the brother is a know meth maker, they, according to her, assumed she was picking up a shipment thus triggering the raid.
I expect she is full of BS, especially since the detective who called me specifically warned me to be extremely careful since some of what they seized appeared to have been spilled. They vacuumed, but said trace amounts might remain.
The stuff is bad news. People who do that to themselves are fools. Drinking in moderation is one thing, there are benefits to that. A drink before meals stimulates digestion. Occasionally drinks help with headaches, anxiety, and other things. A shot of good whiskey sure helps with a sore throat. Meth on the other hand is a mix of dangerous or deadly chemicals that produce a buzz as they destroy brain cells. There is no safe level when it comes to meth.


CharlieDelta said...

Tweekers fucking suck! Period!

JeremyR said...

It would be cool if she sucked, she's kinda cute, especially for a 29 year old.