Monday, June 8, 2009

Spies like ours.

Two developments on the spy vs spy front:
First of course are the two spies recently found in the State department, Moles who had spent years feeding information to Castro, helping him to maintain his evil empire just off our coast. Although they have been caught, it is doubtful they will be punished. Holder won't even claim victories handed to him on a platter if they are against something he supports like black panther thugs at polling places and voter intimidation, why would he act on spies for a regime he is helping to copy on our soil?
Second are Al Gores two spies caught in N Korea. What exactly were they doing? Attempting to glean the secrets of just how the masses can be forced to live with nothing while the elite live high on the hog? I think Al was jealous that lil Kim gets away with it and is adored by his subjects and wanted state secrets as to HOW.
The two women were convicted and will now be guests of the Norks for the next twelve years. Laura Ling and Euna Lee need our prayers as they face a future as worse then America's.
If Gwendolyn and Walter Kendall Myers get just half of that I will be shocked.

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