Friday, June 12, 2009

Amalamadingdong Wins!

Voters in Iran went to the polls today to cast their votes. Whether that matters or not is cause for speculation since th real power in the Persian state is the mad mullahs. What they say is the final word. According to news stories, text messaging was shut down as were many internet sites during the vote. Actions like this would favor the mad midget. When the smoke clears, it may very well mean that Iran is on its way to joining Japan in the nuclear club. That may be the end result of Amalamadingdongs drive toward nukes, provided of course that Barry Soetoro does not interfere in the needed course of actions.
But the stories of irregularities begs the question, where was Jimmah Carturd? He should have gone over there to ensure that Amalamadingdong *cough* won *cough* fair *cough hack spit* and square *hooark*. we'd have let em keep him for 444 days. Heck they can keep him for 444 years. Nuff said.

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