Sunday, June 28, 2009

The weenies fear Palin

When Sarah Palin emerged as the republican VP candidate, a few on the right were not suprised, but the left was caught with their pants down and that resulted in them getting their undies in a bunch. The election is over, Communism won, but true to leftist hate models from the past they are not letting go. If you post a comment, keep it civil. He is just the reporter. How about photoshops of the Soetoro kids? I say no. There is no way to do it without being overly racist, and we need to remain beyond that.
Attack the man for what he says, what he does and what he believes. Be honest and commend him when he is right, but lets leave his family out of it.
I know, I joke about his dog. He named it Bo because he is too stoopid to spell Bob. If they'd named the mutt after him, it would have been BS, and we are getting too much of that from the white house already.

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