Monday, June 8, 2009

One down Many to go

A Junction City developer has been charged in federal court with corruption. This is only the tip of the ice berg. Indications I have seen tell me that several dirty organizations were at work over there. One sub I know arived for work and found the development blocked off. He got nothing for his work as the developer filed for protection after bilking wads of money.
The same housing boom that created this mess created one in Manhattan as well. The area is flush with over priced houses and develpoments with nothing on them It drove the housing market to artificial highs that are reflected in property taxes being through the roof.
Manhattan has very near the highest cost of housing in Kansas, and I am told the region from St Louis to Denver. Kansas is a red state, but the area surrounding Ft. Riley is a blue bubble of scum and corruption.
It was noted over at SondraK some time back that Riley county has a very low unemployment rate but is flush with federal cash for stimulus graft. sure the unemployment rate is low. 40 hr workers commute from low COL counties such as cloud, Dickinson, Morris and Pottawatomie. The rich snots live in Madtaxes. When jobs get cut the affected groups are the college kids who are part time and cannot file, and the commuters whose claim is reflected against their home area.

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