Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye to a Hero.

The events of this previous week have overshadowed the sad news that COL Kenneth L. Reusser USMC has passed away aged 89. COL Reusser was a decorated veteran of three wars having flown with VMF314, Bob's Cats, at Guadacanal, VMF214, the Black Sheep from the USS Sicily CVE-118 at Inchon Korea and commanded MAG-16 in Vietnam. COL Reusser began as an F4F pilot and transitioned to the F4U then to Hueys.
COL Reusser was shot down five time in the course of his military carreer, clearly not a man to shirk duty or danger. He was severely wounded on at least two occasions, and was medically retired in 1968.
COL Reusser earned 59 medals including two Navy crosses and four purple hearts.


What is the Badge Of Courage?
What makes men fight, and die?
What is the Badge of Courage?
Over which Brave men Cry?

Its a simple little thing we wear,
But a thing not just anyone can share.
You must study, and learn,
And work, and earn,
The right to the badge of courage.

What is the Badge of Courage?
Its sweat and blood and tears.
What is the Badge of Courage?
Its the work of many years.

Its a thousand purple hearts
For which our blood is shed.
Our story is writ in histories scroll
In bright bright lines of red.

And its the Medal of Honor.

What is the Badge of Courage?
Well, if you don't know now,
I can't tell you.

Original by Barry Sadler, SSG USA Special Forces.

Maybe more appropriate would be "The Soldier has come Home", but this one honors all you brave men who have served our country with dignity and honor.
H/T Bar at LGF2

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