Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time for a serious blog

After years of commenting at Grouch Old Cripple, Barking Moonbat, Junkyardblog, and many others, I've decided to give it a try.
A lot has happened in fly over country in recent months. Our failure of a governess has departed to destroy Health and Human Services for Barry Soetoro. George Tillers personal puppet at AG got ousted by a sex scandal. The deadly doctor himself was killed by what appears to have been a lone wolf. The reddest state in the nation is beset with the problems brought by uberliberalism.
Who am I? Well, I'm the Topeka Troll, a title bestowed on me by a left wing loser from Washington State.
A transplant to Kansas thanks to the Military, I have adopted this red state rather then return to the liberal lala land I grew up in.
I collect guns, and plan to regularly feature firearms here. I'm no Kim du Toit, I just love to shoot.
I also like cats. Hey, what red blooded guy doesn't like pussy? Right?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new blog, Jeremy! Here is a link to another Kansas blogger. A blog warming gift for you. :)

ppjakaJim said...

Good luck. I'll put you up on my blog roll, hope you will do the same for me!


kerrcarto said...

Thanks for the link. I just added you to ours.