Sunday, June 28, 2009


For months now, bloggers like Don Surber, Denny Wilson, Drew and friends and almost every conservative blogger with an eye on health care has been predicting that with Mr Soetoro's health care initiative, we would soon be looking at health care rationing. Your first thought is be serious, they could never do that in America, could they?
I ran accross this jem, and my fist thought was here we go! Its the opening shot. Preventive health care has been a cornerstone of American Medical practice for over a century. Its almost easier to prevent something hten to cure it. Not so says American Pravda, Your english language source for all things communist, as they trumpet Disease prevention often costs more than it saves. Come again? We have been told sice child hood that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That has been the reasoning for brushing teeth, being hygenic, trimming the pounds, eating smart, exercise... The list goes on.
Most people only glance at a headline, they never read completely through the story. Carla Johnson, a Chicago writer, doeas a good job of laying out her story, but her headline is far diffrent then what I would conclude from her article.
Discussing daily aspirin use with people at risk of heart disease does save money. So do vaccinations for children. When doctors talk to smokers and offer medication to help them quit, that, too, saves money.
But those are the exceptions.

She cites three things that work in paragraph six, calles them exceptions, but later makes a good case that prevention is worthwhile as she cites high figures for what Americans would consider a good healthy year. Her number is $50,000 for a year of perfect health. Huh? Most Americans don't make $50k a year, so that is a scary figure, especially how she breaks it down. She then says that Americans would likely spend even more!
This is foolish. only a few of the elite spend any where near that kind of money. Unless you are considering the cumulative costs accross an entire life time, but to say that is spent for one year? I would hope that several generations of healthy living vs those same years spent foolishly owuld add ten or more years to my life.
This piece is pure propaganda. As the Senate prepares to tackle BS health, we will see more and more of this. After it is passed, it will worsen, and the perception created by these articles will be used as evidence that preventive surgeries have less benefit then we once thought. That will be the carrot to cut things like hip and knee replacement, and eventually cancer treatment for older people.
If you think health care is expensive now, wait until Mr Soetoro's health care is in place. As Commie care comes on line, employers will shut down health plans rather then pay double for everyone. As more people enroll, the dollars will be stretched thinner by the crowd of illegals in America. But Jeremy, you say, they are already here sponging off the system.
True, but they are not a burdon on the soon to be extinct private insurance. Soon All of The United States will be experiencing what California has now.
The same is true with many people. They have weighed the costs and chosen not to insure themselves. Now, with public health, they will jump on. Why not, its their tax dollar. The problems will start after about two years as private coverage dwindles and buracracy sets in. One thing you can count on with government, it will never be streamlined and efficient.
As buracracy chokes health care, expect to see more articles like this one. Then don't be shocked when our system drops below Canada England and Russia in terms of efficiency.
Update, more on health care costs can be found here. Thanks to Don Surber for the link.

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