Sunday, June 14, 2009

Teen arrested in cat mutilations

A Florida teen has been arrested for a string of cat mutilations.

I'm no animal rights whacko, what I believe in are property rights. Many of the animals belonged to other people. He destroyed their property. I hope each of them files a law suit against him for damages, make him poor for a few decades while he pays them all off.

In the cities arround here, it is unlawful to let any animal roam. If your cat is picked up it will cost you. Responsible pet owners need to keep their critters protected if they care about them.

I have out door cats, I live in the country. The purpose of the out door kitties is to catch and kill rodents. This area has a problem with pack rats. In towns and cities though, animals at large are a diffrent story. I used to clean out two or more litters of feral cats every year. Its not a fun task. You need to catch them arround the fourth or fifth week. Younger, and they may not live due to nutrition issues. Older, and they will often be too wild to make into safe pets.
Pictured is Miss Fortune. She was a wild thing, roughly eight weeks old when we found her. She bit several of the tenants who tried capturing her. I got bit and clawed as well. She is not my kitty. Yes, she lives in my house, allows attention on rare occasions, and eats like royalty, but her loyalty is to the Kansas Redneckette. My wife is no cat lover. she has endured my cats as I have tollerated her dog. Miss Fortune does not care about that. She loves to spend time with my wife. When the wife is feeling tired or ill, Miss Fortune will climb onto her lap, or cuddle up by her legs.
Miss Fortune is not a good animal arround kids. I would not trust her, even now, arround a small child. A few more weeks and she might never have been caught. Had that been the case she would have lived in the alleys and probably would be road kill by now.


CharlieDelta said...

Looks at that smug look on that assholes' fucking mugshot. He's proud of it. He feels like a big man because he tortured some helpless kitties. Can anyone say future "serial killer"?

This little shit needs to get his ass kicked in a major way. Not just an ass kicking, but a MAJOR ASS KICKING!

Can I help?

JeremyR said...

CD, the picture at the top is my cat, not the perp. Tell you what, I'll play spin the kitty with her if you pick up the tab at the ER. That should get rid of her smug look (and 80% of the flesh on my arms legs and chest.)
Seriously, many serial killers have patterns of animal abuse in their portfolios. It is one of many indicators. Instead, make him join the army, then make him point man for the one man invasion of Iran.