Monday, June 22, 2009

Some one needs detox and quick

AP, thats American Pravda, the propaganda wing of the the democrat party, today reports on glorious misleaders latest victory.(spit)
Gimme a f'in break! "The bill marks the latest legislative victory for Obama's first five months. Among his other successes: a $787 billion economic stimulus bill....." $787 billion porkulus a victory? I guess if your goal is to bankrupt and destroy America we are on track.
The bill will ban advertising that targets children, and also some flavored tobacco. I'm all in favor of cracking down on smoking with in reason. I like that many areas are designated as smoke free. I'd like to see reasonable legislation though. Smoking is adictive. I know. I quit twenty seven years ago, going from between two and three packs a day to zero in one night.
Some communities have banned smoking in public. That is over the limit in my opinion. Certain types of facilities should be allowed to make their own decisions. Bars for instance should have the option of choosing whether to be smoke free. Even the ones that serve food. face facts, no body goes to the bar for a nutricious meal. the food is an add on item, and in Kansas is a loop hole for serving strong drinks.
The legislative bodies have further targeted smokers with huge taxes. In some locations the taxes have doubled. They are using smokers as an easy target. Few people feel sorry for the smokers, so they are not winning any support. If the tax dollars from tobacco were alloted solely for prevention programs and programs to assist smokers with health care.
The states won a huge settlement from the tobacco industry. They went hog wild in some cases with the money. How much of that money went to programs to assist smokers? Are we still at zero?
This latest bill is more BS. The ticket to smoking prevention is education, something kids are not getting in schools anymore.

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