Thursday, June 25, 2009

Denny fisked a commenters suggestions

Here is my take. Denny pretty well covered the stuff, but I wanted to add a little to it and not waste his band width.
1. Minimize drafts in your home, reducing energy costs. A tight home is a sick home. people need air flow bringing fresh air in and stale air out.
2. Reduce wasted electricity.I can agree with that. every wasted watt translates into money given to a corporation who then hands the dough to regulators liars err lawyers or the like. and that is waste.
3. Use more efficient light bulbs.Agree with Denny. Except tht if you want a light to be dimmable, forget it. Flurescents flicker, and the dimable flurescents simply don't dim enough and LEds are so conservative that they don't dim at all.
4. Turn down your water heater. Why? I have a geo thermal system. The heat in my water heater is the BTU's sucked out of my living space. Its free heat, I'll keep it. Had a solar back up one time with a slow recovery electric. You could tell when the eletric drained, especially in the evening and you got the hot built up through the mid day YOW!
5.Use your car less in favor of a bicyle or mass transit. Bike? Time is money. If I have to decide between an hour at $75, or a gallon of gas at $2.79 and 55 minutes saved, saving money wins.
6. Eat fresh, local foods. My determination on food is cost. If the fresh local costs more then the store stuff, then Kroger wins hands down. Being green is about saving the planet, and if we turn it into a third world shit hole we have failed.
7. Use passive solar power in building homes in sunny areas. Yup, love that passive solar. It translates into higher cooling bills in the summer. Works great on cloudy days too. Ha!
8. Cut down on your personal spending. I wish Barry Soetoro would take that advise. He has personally soent 787 billion of our grand kids money. Cut down on personal spending, yup, let the govmint spend the money for you.
9. Drive an energy-efficient car. Drive what works for you. If you need a small car to fit into a tight parking stall at work, then find a new employer.
10. make sure that tires are properly inflated. Good idea, low tires expose the side wall to excess friction resulting in premature failure. If you drive it till all the cord is showing and it never goes flat, you done it right. A poorly inflated tire won't last that long.
11. Also, don’t use hot water if you don’t need to, like when doing laundry. You can sure tell the hippies on this one, they don't use cold water either.
12. try air-drying your clothes instead of using a dryer. Again, time is money. It takes a lot longer to put clothes on the line and recover them from the neighbors yard, or worse yet chase down the local thug to get your boxers back.
13. Run the dishwasher and clothes washer only when you have a full load, and if available, use the energy-saving setting. Right. I'm a small house hold. If I wait until the darn thing is full the food is so crusted it takes five cycles to get it clean.
14. Take care with your appliances. Unplug them when you don’t use them. I tried unplugging the toaster, saved me nothing. My wall oven is hard wired as is my microhood. I unplug what I rarely use and put it away. makes the kitchen look neater. Next week I'll try unplugging the alarm clock.
15. Buy recycled products. I like recycled grains, especially those run through a pig. it filters out the unnecessary stuff and all you get is the best of the grain in the form of pork chops ham and bacon.Love the reuseable grocery bags as well. Some group did a random check at a grocery store and found that 70% or more of hte bags that come through had dangerous levels of bacteria. that translates into sick if you buy fresh vegies which so many of that type people do. So encourage your liberal fiends to use them. We can make America conservative again one case of salmonella at a time.
16. Also try donating or selling instead of throwing away… is a great way to do that! I do, including all the stuff tenants leave. It can make for a nice bonus check once in a while.
17. try buying products with less packaging! The suppliers are getting pretty good at eliminating waste there. if the paper is not needed, why spend money including it. Some have gone so far as to include instructions printed in 8pt font to save on paper.
18. Ceiling fans are a pretty harmless way to cool down a room without using an air conditioner. Ceiling fans have their uses.
19. Plant trees! you can strategize where you place them so they can shade your home. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter so sun can warm your home as well. Trees have many benefits. Plant your evergreens to the north and west of the house and you have a year round wind belt. Also helps cut down on nosey neighbors. Thorned hedge interspersed works if they are the obnoxious types.
20. Install blinds in your windows and keep windows and doors shut during the day to keep it cooler. I think every one has them.
21. Buy organic. I tried inorganic once, the sand which tasted like dirt, and the rocky road was really rocky. Better useage is to buy what is reasonable. The cheapest food often tastes poor and does not get eaten, but good quality can be had at a reasonable price. The Orgasmic label on many products means an increased risk of bacteria or insect larvea, or insect feces.
22. Carry a tote bag. See 15 above, except you liberals who need to ignore it at all costs.
23. Use a reusable water bottle. The best water I've found is the local city water. Why buy water that is bottled from another town and then trucked miles to you?
24. Start a compost in your backyard. With what? I don't bag my lawn clippings, I have no garden since this soil is too heavy for decent gardening.
25. Consider a laptop...they take much less energy than a desktop. I like my desk top thank you. A lap top with a good screen is too heavy for my lap.
26. Consider cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are a good way to potty train a kid. the disposables absorb whereas the cloth, whhen wet is irritating. switch to cloth when its time to potty train. until then your time is better spent on other things. Besides, the arams have the market on diapers. They put them on hte oposite end.
27. Car pool to work...everyone ends up saving. I'm gonna suggest this one to all the long haul truckers I know. by phone of course.
28 Best saving yet.
29. Shop Locally. Find farmers' markets and other sources of sustainable grown food near you. I'll try that. I'm gonna walk over to the neighbors and get some eggs. No, he doesn't have chickens, neither do I. I'd get some milk as well, but his kid drinks straight from the carton...
30.Clean with vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Many cleaning products have harmful chemicals in them. Use natural products. Clean with what works best. If it takes you longer, you wasted time, and if its not as clean you may be risking your health. There are reasons why we live longer.
31. Clean or replace your filters monthly. Also use a higher quality filter to eliminate more dust that harbors bacteria.
32. Decrease your air travel. Or use google earth and make it a virtual road trip. saves on motel booking fees.
33. Use a low-flow showerhead, which will lessen the hot water used but not drop your water pressure in the shower. Also take ten times longer to shampoo the hair...
34. Cut down on your garbage—buy fewer packaged materials. Most of my garbage comes via the funny silver box in front of my house and is delivered by the model for govmint health care efficiency.
Algores goal is to green us into bankruptcy. Most green ideas cost more then they save, harm more then they help, and pass the money to greedy suckers like algore the wiseass. Be smart about what you do, its your money.

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