Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Obunglers America

I see a race war coming, and its not because of hard working whites or even the skin heads and KKK.. We created a great society that isn’t great at all. With the destruction of the black family as a unit, we now have people living on entitlements who have never held a job, and in most cases, out side of teachers and police and others with whom they must interact, know no one who has a job. Is that a stretch? When working, or doing well in school is derided as acting white, its not.

The low lifes have been allowed to fail so much and so often they cannot be productive members of society. We don't have any inflation, or so sayeth the goverment types, yet prices are rising, driven by fuel costs. Electricity is going up, food, fuel, but not welfare payments, or disability, or what ever they call the bribes for the democrap voting trash. You can feel the unrest. They can't buy their food and enough Bud light to last a month, so it has to be whity's fault.

The violence escalates in Chicago, then Baltimore, next Atlanta, then Dallas or Los Angeles. Its a slow ramping up, and since the media is playing songs for Obungler, no one is getting the word until the hood comes to your neighborhood. Since most law-abiding urban and suburbanites are lightly armed, maybe a good knife, its gonna spell trouble. Right now they are going after mostly older and easy victims, because there are plenty of George Zimmermans out there, people who are vigilant, armed, and while maybe not ready mentally for a fight, capable of fighting.

Its like what we did in the Pacific, first we took the fight to Guadalcanal, and our Marines and soldiers got some experience. We hit where they were weak so we could build strength, and that is how the menace here is conducting the battle. They are not gonna attack some one like me, armed to the teeth, a big guy in good physical shape, or at least, that's how I appear, no cane, no walker. I think the guy in Oklahoma was some what of an aberration to the norm. Had they come at him to his face, he would have had a fighting chance, and even though there were three, and armed, he just might have won.

We have black liberation preachers spewing hate from the pulpits, we have black rights people who only want to exploit the problem, not fix it, and we have black hate sites proclaiming that whity must die.

The only gem in the whole deal is that they are acting like mooslimes and killing each other more so then they are attacking whites. Sadly, while a lot of their victims are fellow gang members, quite a few innocent children are slaughtered as well, and also a number of people who were striving to rise above the swamp and become productive Americans.

We are under attack, and we don’t know it, or don’t care. Its not crime anymore, its race war. When a 99 year old woman is murdered in her home, when an 88 year old veteran is beaten to death in a parking lot, its not mere crime. We are Libya today, and the escalation is all around us.

There’s a gun and ammunition just inside the door way. Use it only in emergency.

What else can I say? Be sober, be vigilant.

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