Monday, August 26, 2013

Beyond sick

Life is cheap in certain segments of America. When one of my fellow bloggers pointed out the week end travesty in Baltimore, my attention was captured by an article at the bottom of the page. How cheap is life in Baltimore? Try five bucks. William Monroe and Meghan Kerrigan

were murdered by Melville Mason for a lousy ten dollars. Two other room mates were wounded in the assault. Its a grim story, one fitting for a third world hell hole, not a city in close proximity to our nations Crap hole err Capital.

Can it get any worse? Well, yes, yes it can.

Court records show that officers responding to the scene inside a home in the 1200 block of S. Carey St. found Kerrigan’s one-year-old daughter, who was unharmed, sitting next to her body, patting her on the back.

I am sick. Thank you Martin O’Malley. You retard! You contribute to the problem when pieces of trash like Mason can slaughter a babies parents with no fear of having to pay for his horrific crime.

On a final note, Mason is black, his victims were white. Tell me again how there is no race war in America.

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Gregory said...

I have long believed there is this race war going on. Why the media won't report it is beyond my comprehension. What the hell has to happen to wake the media and the libs up? Do they hate America so much that they want to see her totally destroyed? I think so. Thats why I will never by a newspaper subscription or even a magazine sub.