Saturday, August 24, 2013

The epic fail of socialism

We all are aware that every place socialism has been tried it has failed. Now the Rat Bastard Commies aka the democrat party want more of it here. We've had enough of it. Look at the results we have thus far. The experiment called hte great society has given us the culture of violence we are enduring today.
In every major city there are areas of blight directly associated with the welfare state. Landlords who cater to subsidised tenants do not get the money that working families can pay. Its a steady income flow, welfare rats tend to not move until the place is destroyed, and that can take years if not decades of neglect. When one property in a neighborhood declines, the good neighbors who can do nothing about the blight move out. People more accepting move in, and the slide continues.
Where am I going with this? Lets look at cities like Chicago and Detroit. Detroit is dozer ready, all we need are a few of the IDF's armored D-9s, and we can convert it back into farm ground. Contaminated farm ground. Huge swaths of the city are abandoned, the lowest forms of scum have moved in. No, not the bums, mooslimes. (sorry, couldn't resist the cheap shot, back to being serious).
Crime has soared there and in Chicago. Crime is skyrocketing, and ordinary citizens are denied the basic right to defend themselves.
Yup, a socialist utopia. Make that an Eewtopia. For much of the last few decades, we have not heard much about the crime rates there. Last year though, and again this year, the subject of black violence has crept into the national conversation in spite of the liberal media attempts to squash it.
Since the failure of the attempted lynching of George Zimmerman for successfully defending himself, we have seen a rash of reports of violence by black youths diected at whites, and a cacopheny of screams from the liberal civic leaders claiming it just aint so and we are racist for saying it.
Fine, I'm a racist. There, I said it, happy? I'm not. That the majority of the people comitting these crimes are black has nothig to do with the color of their skin, rather it has everything to do with the destruction of hte black family. Many black kids are being raised in homes with no father. They will have a mom, or often a grandmother raising them, but dad has been drive out of hte picture by the lure of welfare dollars. They might have a psudeo uncle or two arround, but these are not men who impart a work ethic in these children. They are caught in the machine, they can look out and see wealth, but they cannot reach out and grasp it. Lyndon Baines Johnson got them. LBJ was a racist, and with the welfare reform he called his great society, he sounded the death knell of the black family. And still they blindly vote for these communists.
We look ot at countries like Russia and east Germany and see what communism wrought, but we are in for far worse, and we might very well be destroyed by it.
What would have happened if we had followed GODs laws? Instead of welfare, make every recipient work for their food and board. Had the government demanded just a few hours of labor for the hand outs, we could have accomplished so much more. St. paul said "If they won't work, don't feed them."
What if we forced fathers to support their children? Certainly Teddy Kennedy and his fellow politicians fatherd a few woods colts, but not the millions they repeatedly voted to support with welfare. If every single mother had been required to submit a list of the candidates for father, and blood tests had been performed, and AND those fathers had been made to pony up, think how many tax dollars we wouldn't be paying back to China. If we also had told those dads they WOULD be required to spend ten hours a week with those kids, think of the impact that would have made. Those women would have been running to hte abortion mills.
Maybe, but that is another mistake that links back to LBJ and his Supreme Injustices of the Court. Are you aware that one of his nominations to the court was flilabustered? you say the republicans didn't have the power in the 60's to do that, AND YOU ARE RIGHT. it was done by his own democrats, Even they couldn't handle the stench back then. Well, it didn't get any better, and after a few years of living with hogs, well, you just don't notice the stink.
Abortion is another disaster we have allowed to happen. Yes, we allowed it. if we had ousted the members of hte senate nad house who supported it, or were lackluster, at every chance, we could have then impeached the court.
Speaking of the courts, one big mistake we made there is allowing liares err lawyers to be judges. They are trained in every aspect of the constitution, not to respect it, but how to kneecap it. Our Constitution should be the third rail of politics. Touch it, brush it even lightly, and you are gonna pay a dear price. Frankly, I wouldn't allow attornies to be in the elected chair of district attorney, or ttorney General. The job of being the prosecutor should be rotated between all alwyers in each region.. If a Liar practices in Lawrnce and Topeka, he can be made to serve as prosecuting attorney in both, and if he intentionally throws a case, he is disbarred. hell, make the losing lawyer be suspended for thirty days unless he is pleading a guilty man guilty. Both sides are o nthe government payroll 99% of the time anyway, might as well make em work for it. Gladiators of the 21st century! Hell, it could get as entertaining as "From the Hip".
Abortion was wrong, it never should have been legalized, and it, just like welfare, was aimed squarely at black America.
The failure of black America is not a victory for white America. This is not liek a race between a Chevy and a Dodge on a dusty country road where you can laugh in glee as your opponent splaters himself into the elm tree by the bridge. No, Americans of all colors are bonded together in this industrail machine we call America. We are like a mighty motor with many cylinders. When one of those cylinders isn't firing, or is not firing to full potentail, it slows down the machine. In a truck that means less torque, slower acceleration, and more fuel wasted to get from point A to point B. If, instead of knee capping 10% of America, LBJ and his evil minions had looked to empower them in the way Martin Luther King Jr wanted, We would be vastly wealthier then we are now. Instead of tenaments, and second rate rentals, blacks would be proud owners, doers, movers and shakers. Thats what the democrats of 1960's America feared. blacks as equals.
So are they quaking at having a black president? Not hardly. They picked the man for the job, and they were careful to select an afirmative action kind of guy. We call him a post turtle, and that is what they wanted, a leader who has to be led, a blind man driving the bus. As his presidency winds down, they wil lquietly point to his failings, from obamacare to solyndra, his string of dismal failures will be their laundry list of reasons why black men should not be president. It will impact every black politician with aspirations just like it did with black NCOs in the military, and workers in industry. I saw it too many times where a good black candidate was washed early in hte selectio nprocess, and a mediocre to lousy one was promoted into the slot. On a percentage bsis, there are as many well qualified blacks as there are white or asians in America, and as many lousy ones as well.
If the black community had been empowered in 1964 instead of trapped like wild hogs, think what America would look like today. Just in simplestterms, we are talking about a 20% diffrence in productivity and creativity, but I truly believe the numbers would have been far greater.
Oh what we could have become. Instead, we have "bored" black youth playing beat whity on the streets, at the fairs, and all over America. Its not to late to stop, but we wo'nt. The black grevience industry won't allow it, nd neither will the racists of the democrat communist party.
Wish you all a good week end, and keep a close watch. We know not the hour nor the day, but we know the what. GOD bless you all.

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Gregory said...

Good writing Jeremy and I could argue with none of it..Keep up the good work,