Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You can't trust government? Whoda thunk it

The Supreme Soviet in Kakakistan, aka Mexifornia has ruled tax breaks offered to small businesses to start in California are unconstitutional. That ruling happened in December, and now the Tax Franchise Board wants their money. Not the boards money, the small business owners.

This is typical communist fare. The owners who believed the government were foolish, maybe a bit hopeful, but in hind site, foolish. Businesses have been fleeing the left coast idiocy in droves for more than a decade. The communists, and the low information voters don't get it. California is approaching a tipping point. They mat be past it. They do not have enough workers to sustain the sheer number of sick lame and lazy, mostly lazy, that infest the state.

The down side for the rest of us, is that there are no immigration laws governing people moving from a state destroyed by liberalism, to a fresh host. Red States beware! You are soon to be invaded by a swarm of human fleas. Its happening in Texas, Colorado has been over run. Red states need to pass Constitutional amendments limiting taxes, and criminalizing the type of governmental behavior that transpired in California. Each of the states needs to pass a Constitutional amendment limiting taxes to 10% of gross income. Make that applicable to every entity below state level, a cap of 10%. they also need to pass an amendment capping feral spending to 10% of GDP. Once 34 states pass it, we have a new Constitutional Amendment, and we desperately need it. Write the amendment such that entitlement spending gets slashed first. Require that spending cuts be evenly distributed across the board, so we don't have the pResident undermining the military to fund his hand outs to foreign pets like Egypt.

As for this current mess, I guess the communist czars in California's courts have never heard of an ex post facto law. Maybe we should pass a bill of attainder declaring them guilty of theft... Or treason.

The idiots who stay in California deserve what they are getting. I strongly urge anyone there who is halfway sane to get out, and get out NOW. Things like this make me wish terrorists had attacked San Franfreakshow and Lost Anysense instead of New York and Washington. Then again, they were all liberal hell holes. And no, I'm not implying that anyone deserved 9-11-01. (Cept maybe a certain black liberation theology preacher and certain members of his flock.)

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