Monday, August 5, 2013

We are not arming them *cough cough*

A U.S. hellfire missle was shot at a government office in Egypt. Ok, I don't have a problem with that, except that its not our military doing the shooting, its the islamists. How in hades did they get one of our missles? We have supplied arms to Egypt for decades, is it possible that one of their storage facilities got raided?
Another possibility is that arms from Libya are flowing into the region.
What ever the case, the Obamunists need to get thier arms under control before they lecture American citizens about gun control here.
This whole mucked up mess is getting worse every day, and all obungler can do is close embassies to avoid another attack. Hey! Its not an election year, he doesn't need an October surprise. That or maybe he is finally reacting to the reports from 2012. I don't believe that, I believe he was behind the fiasco in benghazi, and that it was a fake gone sour.
Anyway, its supposed to be Fuck Obambi day at the criplets, some one dropped the ball. At least they have Fuck islam Day back up and running, sorta.

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