Sunday, August 4, 2013

The next St Skittles

This one is in New York, and instead of a neighborhood watch captain, he met his Waterloo via the NYPD. No mention of race in the article, but with a name like Shaaliver and an aunt named Quwana, you can bet they aint Irish.
Like St Skittles, this thug has a history with the law. He's been charged with attempted murder, and a slew of other crimes.
I'll make a few predictions, broken home, welfare mom, extended family will be mostly female. He is a typical product of Johnson's Grate Society. Err great, yea, Great.
Douse met his end when he shot in the general direction of two cops. How does a fourteen year old get a gun? In New York? He had fired three shots at some men in front of a bodega. Don't know if they were criminals, but they weren't armed, so there is a chance they were not.
OK, too much guess work. If this happened in Chicago, would it make the News?  If his intended victims had killed him, would it even rate page sixteen? Assuming they were not white? Frankly, I'm shocked it made it to the news, except the lamestream media wants another race bait inflamatory story.
Its time we admit that Congress screwed up. Its not gonna be easy to fix, but if we really give one tiny bitt of a shit about the kids, we will do every thing possible to keep them in homes with a mother and a father. If not, we are dooming the black society to a never ending stream of sorrow.

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