Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to not fuck up a capital murder trial

The fatwa failure, Major Hasan is now officially on trial for his rampage at Ft Hood. The linked article points out that the military rarely executes anyone. In fact, the last execution was in 1961, and eleven of the last sixteen death sentences have been over turned. Such is life when the average liar err lawyer in hte military is fresh out of college, and took a direct comission to pay off his school. Not all of em are rank amateurs, but enough, and capital trials so rare they have no experts.
The thing here is it all happened in Texas! Yes, Texas, home of the express lane for lethal injection, or so the lame stream media would have you believe. They still take too long. The military should hand the case over to Texas and let justice be served up cold. Then, after the trial, hold a court martial, and strip him of his rank for conduct unbecoming.
If they had turned it over to Texas back when this all happened, chances are he'd have run out of appeals already, and the media might be reporting about his execution instead of a trial.
I can dream. Boy can I dream. Under obungler, there is no way a mooslime will face justice. Looking for a residential pardon in late 2015.

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